Copyright and photocopy policy

Photocopies of all material published by the American Forensic Association including Argumentation and Advocacy and its predecessor the Journal of the American Forensic Association may be made for classroom use free of charge if all of the following criteria are fulfilled:

  1. No fees above the actual duplication costs are charged
  2. The materials are photocopies and not reprints or republications
  3. A single notice of use is mailed to the Executive Secretary of the Association
  4. The material includes a full bibliographic citation and the following statement: "Copyrighted by the American Forensic Association. Photocopied by permission of the publisher."

A photocopy of this statement serves as the American Forensic Association's official permission for using materials in this way. This free permission is not applicable, under any of the following circumstances:

  • When an additional fee is charged for the material;
  • When the material is retained electronically for nonprint access;
  • When the material is reprinted in a commercial publication.

The American Forensic Association encourages the availability of material from its publications in such sources, but the Association may charge an additional fee, and the explicit permission from the Executive Secretary of AFA is required. Address such requests and reports of photocopying to:

Executive Secretary
American Forensic Association
Box 256
River Falls, WI 54022