The Keele Award


This award is named in honor of Dr. Lucy M. Keele, who served the debate community tirelessly for many years as Director of Forensics at California State University at Fullerton, as a member of the NDT Board of Trustees, as a member of the NCA Committee on International Discussion and Debate, and as a friend of the activity. The Keele Award is presented to individuals who follow in Dr. Keele's footsteps-- in recognition of outstanding service to the debate community. Although competitive success is often associated with the recipients, that success is not a factor in presenting this particular award. Previous recipients include:

1996 Donn Parson, University of Kansas
1997 Brett O'Donnell, Liberty University
1998 Melissa Wade and Bill Newnam, Emory University
1999 George Ziegelmueller, Wayne State University
2000 Bill Balthrop, University of North Carolina
2001 Rich Edwards, Baylor University
2002 Pat Ganer, Cypress College
2003 Frank Harrison, Trinity University
2004 Will Baker, New York University
2005 Allan Louden, Wake Forest University
2006 David Zarefsky, Northwestern University
2007 - Stefan Bauschard, Lakeland Schools
2008 - Bill Southworth, University of Redlands
2009 - Jon Bruschke, Cal State - Fullerton
2010 - Jim Hanson and Aaron Hardy, Whitman College
2011 - Dallas Perkins, Harvard University
2012 - Gary Larson, Wheaton College