AFA Newsletter - Summer 2012


AFA Newsletter: A Publication of the American Forensic Association Vol. 34, No. 2, Winter 2012


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Call for Nominations Outstanding Dissertation or Thesis Award

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AFA Budget Statement 2010-2011

The AFA Newsletter is published three times each year and is sent to all current AFA individual members. The first issue (September) contains a directory of current members of the American Forensic Association and a supplement to the tournament calendar for the current academic year. The second issue (January) contains the minutes of AFA Business and National Council meetings from the AFA's annual convention and a supplement to the membership directory. The third issue (June) contains the tournament calendar for the following academic year. Each issue also contains news items of interest to members.

You are invited to submit material to be published in the Newsletter. You may submit news items, announcements, or articles (especially ones which are related to forensic activities). Items for the newsletter should be sent to: James W. Pratt, PO Box 256, River Falls, WI 54022, or via e-mail to Closing dates for each issue of the Newsletter are September 15th, for issue #1; January 15th, for issue #2; and June 15th, for issue #3.


President, Scott Harris, University of Kansas

Vice President— Michael Janas, Samford University

Vice President for High School Affairs: Tim Mahoney, St. Mark’s School, Dallas, TX

Two-Year College Representative:--Darren Elliott, Kansas City, Kansas, Community Coll.

Recording Secretary- Erika Thomas, California State Univ.- Fullerton

Executive Secretary, James W. Pratt, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Webmaster, Allan Louden, Wake Forest University

Co-Editors, Argumentation & Advocacy, Catherine H. Palczewski and John Fritch, University of Northern Iowa

Chair, NDT Committee, Tim O'Donnell, University of Mary Washington Committee

Chair, NIET Committee, Frank Thompson, University of Alabama

Nominating Committee

Chair- R Jerrod Atchison, Wake Forest U, Winston-Salem, NC

J David Cisneros, Northeastern Univ, Boston, MA

Susan Collie, U of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI

Katherine Lavelle, U of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

Sarah Stone Watt, Pepperdine U, Malibu, CA


Message from AFA President, Scott Harris


I am excited and humbled to take up the gavel of the American Forensic Association for the next two years.  I want to thank Rich Edwards for his service and his ongoing help and advice.  A special thanks to James Pratt for all of his work in making the AFA function.  The AFA succeeds because of the dedication and work of all of you who are committed and passionate about forensics.  In a world of increasingly hyperbolic rhetoric and division the importance of an organization that supports the teaching of ethical advocacy is magnified.  I hope to support this ongoing mission of the AFA over the next two years.  I look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando.


Scott L. Harris

President, American Forensic Association


American Forensics Association at NCA – Program


November 14, 2012

10-12pm        AFA Educational Development & Practices Committee

                        Business Meeting – Tea – 2nd Level – Swan

10-12pm        AFA-Finance Committee Business Meeting – Sandpiper – 2nd Level – Swan

10-12pm        AFA-Nominating Committee Business Meeting – Ibis Level – Swan

10-12pm        AFA – Professional Development & Practices Committee Business Meeting – Egret – 2nd Level – Swan

10-12pm        AFA-Publications Committee & Research Committee Business Meeting – Mockingbird 2 – 1st Level – Swan

10-12pm        NDT Board of Trustees Meeting – Business Meeting – Heron – 2nd Level – Swan

12-3:45pm    AFA National Council Meeting – Business Meeting - Teal – 2nd Level – Swan

12-3:45pm    AFA-NIET Committee Meeting – Business Meeting – Sandpiper-2nd Level – Swan

12-3:45pm    NDT Committee Meeting – Business Meeting – Heron-2nd Level – Swan

4-7pm            AFA Business Meeting – Mockingbird 2 – 1st Level – Sawn

 Thursday, November 15, 2012

8-9:15am          Toward a truer sense of community: Challenges to gender equality in parliamentary debate – Paper Session – Peacock 1 – 1st Level – Swan

12:30-1:45pm     Top Papers in Forensics – Paper Session – Peacock 1 – 1st Level  - Swan

2-3:15pm             The COMMunity of Critics: Communication and the Health of the Judging Community – Paper Session – Peacock 1 – 1st Level – Swan


Friday, November 16, 2012


8-9:15am             Framing Debate through the Digital Transformations in Contemporary Debate Practices – Paper Session – Ibis – 2nd Level – Swan

9:30-10:45am     "That's All Folks": Identifying Effective Strategies for Transitioning to New Leadership for Small and Community College Forensics Programs – Panel Discussion – Pelican 2 – 1st Level – Swan

12:30-1:45pm     Creating Community in Forensics: Roundtable Discussion with DOFs – Panel Discussion – Dove – 2nd Level – Swan

2-3:15pm             Bridging Communities: Competitive Forensics and its Role in the Public Sphere- Paper Session – Dove – 2nd Level – Swan


Saturday, November 17, 2012


9:30-10:45am     Professionalizing the Forensic COMMunity: Assessment of Coaches and Programs – Panel Discussion – Lark 2 – 1st Level – Swan

12:30-1:45pm     Communication at the Heart of Democratic COMMunity: Considering Political Arguments that Unify, Divide, and Dissolve Political CommUNITIES Over Time – Paper Session – Egret – 2nd Level – Swan

3:30-4:45pm       National Parliamentary Debate Association Business Meeting – Business Meeting – Northern Hemisphere Salon E2 – 5th Level – Dolphin



Sunday, November 18, 2012


9:30-10:45am     The Responsibilities of Forensics Audience Members: Why Simply Sitting There Just isn't Enough- Paper Session – Heron – 2nd Level – Swan


Argumentation and Advocacy seeks to publish the best in studies of argumentation in all its forms and from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives. It seeks to address a broad intellectual audience interested in argumentation studies but not necessarily conversant with a specialized vocabulary.   

The journal follows a policy of blind peer review. Manuscripts for regular issues ordinarily will be read by two or three reviewers selected from among the Editorial Board and invited referees; manuscripts for special issues will be read by a guest Editor and invited referees.    

Papers should be submitted electronically from the AFA website.

Papers using statistical methodologies should include reliability estimates for all measures, effect sizes for significant results, and power estimates for non-significant outcomes. Authors should be sensitive to the problem of experiment-wise error rates. Correlation matrices should accompany multivariate procedures such as canonical analysis.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout, including long quotations, notes and references. On a separate page, include an abstract of no more than 100 words with a list of five suggested key words. Notes, lists of works cited, tables and figures should appear on separate pages following the text. The title of the essay (without the author's name) should repeat on the first page of the manuscript. Text should be left-justified only.

Manuscripts should be prepared using Microsoft Word format (doc) or be submitted in Rich Text Format (rtf), and conform to either the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed., 2009, or the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed. (as corrected), 2010. Content notes may be used with either style, but should be kept to a minimum. An exception is that classical sources should be cited in text without dates (e.g., Aristotle, Rhetoric, I.1.1354a). Please note that surname prefixes such as der or von are ignored in alphabetizing the reference list (e.g., van Eemeren is alphabetized by "E" not "v"). Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, authors should be prepared to furnish photocopies of all quotations for verification purposes, and to provide a final version of the essay in both hard and digital form, including camera-ready copy for artwork and figures. Manuscript length should be kept in the 9,000 word range.

Manuscripts submitted to Argumentation and Advocacy obligate the author to grant exclusive right of review to this journal until such time as s/he receives the results of our review. Essays that have been published previously in their entirety in other sources should not be submitted; essays that have been published previously in part should be substantially revised before submission. Upon acceptance, copyright should be assigned to the American Forensic Association.

Manuscripts conforming to the journal's editorial policy and submissions guidelines should be submitted, starting March 20, 2010, using the Argumentation and Advocacy website at Inquiries may be directed to co-editors Catherine H. Palczewski and John Fritch at

Suggestions for and completed book reviews can be addressed to the book review editor, Gordon Stables at


The Daniel Rohrer AFA Research Award recognizes outstanding scholarship in argumentation and forensics published in the previous calendar year. Any published article, text, or book in the field of argumentation and/or forensics is eligible for nomination. To nominate a published scholarly article please send a letter of nomination detailing why the publication should be honored and a copy of the complete publication.  If the publication nominated is a book, a copy of the table of contents and of one chapter is sufficient.  Electronic submissions are preferred; hard copy submissions should include six (6) copies of all necessary materials.  Eligible scholarship for 2012 must have a publication date of 2011. The award shall be presented at the annual AFA business meeting to be held in Orlando in 2012. The committee chair must receive nominations no later than October 1, 2012. Nominations received after this date may not be considered.

Daniel Rohrer Memorial Outstanding Research Award

The AFA Outstanding Dissertation or Thesis Award recognizes the best dissertation or thesis in the theory and practice of argumentation and forensics completed in the previous calendar year.  The candidate must be a member of AFA.  To nominate a thesis or dissertation, a letter of nomination detailing the significance of the dissertation or thesis (usually from the project advisor), a copy of the table of contents, and a representative chapter of the completed study.  Electronic submissions are preferred; hard copy submissions should include six (6) copies of all necessary materials.  Eligible scholarship for 2012 must have a completion date of 2011. The award shall be presented at the annual AFA business meeting to be held in Orlando in 2012. The committee chair must receive nominations no later than October 1, 2012. Nominations received after this date may not be considered.

Outstanding Dissertation or Thesis Award (past recipients)

Send nominations and submissions for the 2011 awards to:

Jim Dimock
Speech Communication Department
230 Armstrong Hall
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, MN 5601

The AFA Distinguished Service Award recognizes long-term service to the American forensics community.  The recipient of the award typically comes from within the forensics community (active or retired).  Nominations do not need to be elaborate.  When possible, however, a nomination file may include a letter of nomination and the candidate's vita, indicating service and supporting items.  Areas of interest to the committee might include items such as: positive impact on the field in terms of current research practices, educational practices, community development, and consideration of career as a model for AFA professionals.

Nominations should be sent to:

David Gaer
Laramie County Community College
1400 E. College Dr. 
Cheyenne, WY 82001


Joel Hefling, Editor

Comm. Studies & Theatre, Box 2218, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 57007-1197

605-688-4390 FAX 605-688-6551 e-mail:

 Links for Information about Collegiate Tournaments:

 Council of Forensics Organizations:

Joy of Tournaments

 College Policy Debate

 National Parliamentary Debate Association


All ballot forms consist of three pages: original on white, and two carbonless copies on pink and yellow. Form W also has an additional white half-sheet.


All ballot forms are supplied in lots of 100 @ $15/100


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W: With short form, with boxes (8-1/2 x 14")


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