Professional Development


*Susan Collie, University of Wisconsin-Stout (term
expires 2012) -

Tim Brown, Cedar Crest College (term expires 2012) -

Randy Cox, University of Texas, Austin (term expires
2013) -

Jason Warren, George Mason University (term expires 2011) -

David Gaer, Laramie County Community College (term expires 2014) -
(Terms expire on June 30)


Responsible for developing and supporting the highest standards of professional conduct within forensics, and for representing the professional interests of this Association's members to all appropriate constituencies. Included within the responsibilities of this Committee will be the following: develop and promote standards concerning the duties, evaluation, and tenure of forensic educators; and development and maintain a consulting program to assist in the development and support of forensics professionals at all educational levels. Additional responsibilities may be assigned as appropriate. 

  • Bylaws under which the Committee Conducts its Business
  • Call for nominations for the distinguished service award
  • Quail Roost Document on Tenure for Forensic Directors (see below). In 1993 the Policy Caucus Working Group on Tenure for Forensic Educators issued the "Quail Roost document." This document offers a perspective from which directors and debate programs can be evaluated. Its recommendations may be particularly valuable in addressing standards for tenure and promotion decisions. Academic departments and administrative units evaluating the work of directors of debate and debate programs may find it useful to integrate elements of the Quail Roost document into their own mission statements and tenure and promotion standards. The Quail Roost document may also serve as a useful resource for evaluators seeking to place the work of debate coaches in the context of an "overall professional life." The American Forensic Association (AFA) endorses the Quail Roost document and publishes it on the official AFA website.
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