Educational Development and Practices


Sarah Partlow, Idaho State University, chair (term expires 2008)
Daniel Cronn-Mills, Minnesota State University-Mankato (term expires 2008)
Michael Davis, James Madison University, VA (term expires 2009)
M. L. Sandos, Vanderbilt University, TN (term expires 2009)
Ben Voth , Miami University, Oh (term expires 2010)
Matt Brigham, University of Pittsburgh (term expires 2010)

(Terms expire on June 30 )


Responsible for developing, reporting, and promoting practices that strengthen forensic pedagogy, whether in classrooms, forums, competition, or other circumstances. Included within the responsibilities of this committee will be the following: develop, maintain and distribute information on establishing and promoting argumentation and forensics within curricula; develop and promote ways of increasing broad participation in forensic activities; examine, assess, and evaluate forensic practices in light of the purpose of this Association; and maintain and interpret the AFA Code of Ethics as it relates to educational practices. Additional responsibilities may be assigned as appropriate. 

Bylaws of the Committee