Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting, 2001



Wednesday, October 31, 2001


Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
The meeting was called to order by President Karma Leeper (Baylor University) at 4:00 p.m., with Frank Harrison (Trinity University) serving as Secretary.

The Agenda, as distributed, was APPROVED without objection.

Frank Harrison was appointed Parliamentarian.

The Minutes of the previous Annual Meeting, as distributed, were APPROVED without objection.


Report of the President. President Leeper reported that she (1) has prepared a charge to each of the standing committees for the coming year; (2) worked with the Historian toward a plan for the storage of the archives; (3) hosted the National Debate Tournament; (4) has begun the process of creating a committee to investigate long term sponsorship for the national tournaments; (5) has discussed the affiliation of International Forensics Association, and (6) attended the Alta Conference. Her complete report is on file at the National Office.

Report of the Vice President. David Hingstman discussed the nine AFA panels which will be held during this year's NCA Convention. He announced the Call for papers for the 2002 Convention in New Orleans. Former President Jimmy Carter has been selected for the Speaker of the Year

Report of the Executive Secretary. Jim Pratt presented the Financial Report for 2000-2001, which is on file at the National Office.

Duane Fish (Northwest College) presented the Report of Western States Forensics. There will be two forensics panels at the Western States Convention, one undergraduate. The Western Tournament will be held on the first weekend in March at California State University, Long Beach.

Dale Herbeck (Boston College) reported as the Editor of Argumentation and Advocacy. Charles Morris (Vanderbilt University) has agreed to serve as Book Review Editor and the Editorial Board has been completed. There will a new format beginning with his first issue, Vol. 35 No. 1. There are now three issues in progress simultaneously, on Presidential Debates, Forensics and Public Argument. He hopes to have all three to press by February; the journal will then be back on schedule. As of October 25th, forty-two essays had been submitted and one invited. Of these, six have been accepted, fourteen returned with a request to "revise and resubmit," ten were rejected, and thirteen are awaiting disposition. His complete report is on file in the National Office.

President Leeper reported on behalf on G. Thomas Goodnight (Northwestern University), Director of the 12th NCA-AFA Alta Conference on Argumentation. This year's Conference was strong, and out-of-print issues (volumes 1-5) will be scanned into an electronic format.


Barb Pickering (University of Nebraska, Omaha) delivered the Report of the Educational Development and Practices Committee, which presented the following issues for public comment prior to their further consideration by the Committee: (1) a change in time blocks for competitor eligibility to include a maximum five academic years and four AFA sponsored national tournaments, with provision for appeal based on medical hardship; (2) two possible proposals for dealing with transfer students: mandating a one semester "sit-out" and possible enforcement mechanisms for present rules; (3) modification of present restrictions on the research roles of coaches and/or graduate students to provide that they should work with undergraduates m argument construction in an appropriate manner, and (4) formulation of an additional statement regarding sexual harassment and discrimination. Reports on the Committee's ongoing work will be posted to the AFA webpage.

Richard Pineda (Wayne State University) presented the Report of the Professional Development and Support Committee: (1) Pursuant to a duly published call for nominations, the Committee has selected Professor James "Al" Johnson (The Colorado College) as the 2001 recipient of the AFA Distinguished Service Award. (2) The "Research Project to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography on Tenure and Promotion in Forensics" has been continued into 2002, with a goal of reviewing a draft of the material over the New Year and providing a final, approved bibliography by May, 2002. Kelly McDonald (Arizona State University) continues as principal researcher. (3) Discussion has begun toward the development of a curriculum for a short course on Promotion and Tenure to be conducted during the annual meetings of the NCA. His complete report, including the narrative in support of Professor Johnson s nomination, is on file in the National Office.

Katherine Olson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) presented the Report of the Publications Committee, which (1) suggested efforts be made to increase library subscriptions to the journal; (2) reported that Dale Herbeck and Gordon Mitchell (University of Pittsburgh) are looking into additional indexing; (3) asked the National Council to begin thinking about a possible increase in support for future editions; (4) reported that Kelly McDonald has volunteered to bring indexing of past issues of the Alta Proceedings up to date, and (5) advised that a Search Committee has been appointed to select an editor for the AFA Newsletter, since that responsibility has been split off from the duties of the Executive Secretary. Gordon Mitchell has agreed to serve as Chair of the Committee.

Lisa Perry (Minnesota State University, Mankato) delivered the Report of the Research Committee.

The Daniel Rohrer Research Award has been presented to Robert Asen for "Seeking the Counter in Counterpublics," Communication Theory, 4 (November 2000) 424-446.

The Brockreide Research Grant has been awarded to W. Benoit and J. Hansen for "Computer Content Analysis of Presidential Primary and General Debates."

There was only one submission, and no award, in the Thesis and Dissertation category.

M Liss Hindmann (Tyler Community College) presented the Report of the Finance Committee, which recommended that the Executive Secretary s proposed budget for 200 1-2002 be accepted, as modified to reflect the recommendations of the Historian with respect to the AFA archives. It was MOVED by Jim Klumpp, second by Ricrad Pineda, that the Report be approved. CARRIED unanimously.

Cynthia Carver (Concordia College), reporting on behalf on the NIET Committee, extended congratulations to the Sweepstakes Winner, the University of Texas at Austin and its Director Peter Prober, and thanks to Professor Jim Kimball and George Mason University for hosting last year s national tournament.

Ed Panetta (University of Georgia) reported that the Nominating Committee s slate of nominees for offices will be released on the MA website by November 15th. President Leeper stated that, in compliance with the constitutional requirement for an opportunity for nominations from the floor, additional nominations will be accepted until December 1st.

Gretchen Wheeler (Casper College) reported on behalf of the Council of Forensic Organizations that its meeting would be held at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday during the NCA Convention, and hoped that an AFA representative could attend.




It was MOVED by Alan Louden (Wake Forest University), with a second from the floor, that "the AFA endorse the proposal for a public student debate on the 2002 North Carolina Senate race." CARRIED unanimously.

It was MOVED by Clark Olson (Arizona State University), second by Richard Pineda, that the AFA enter into an Affiliation Agreement with the International Forensics Association (WA), a copy of which is on file in the National Office. CARRIED unanimously.

George Ziegelmueller (Wayne State University) spoke of his positive experience in attending the last meeting of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA). Kelly McDonald added that the organization publishes a journal, which he commended to the membership.

Randy Lake (University of Southern California) reported that the Committee on International Discussion and Debate will sponsor a tour of Eastern Europe sometime nest year, and encouraged interested students to try out for the team. An interview call will be published in the near future; tentative plans include try-outs at the 2002 CEDA National Tournament. A Japanese team will visit the United States in the Spring; a call for hosts will be published. The Committee expects a British team to tour next Fall, and will pass on information as it becomes available.

It was MOVED by Jim Klumpp, and CARRIED by acclamation, that the American Foresnics Association express its appreciation to its retiring officers; to Karla Leeper and Baylor University for hosting the National Debate Tournament, and to James Kimball and George Mason University for hosting the National Individual Events Tournament.


The meeting adjourned, by unanimous consent, at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Harrison, Secretary