Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting, 1999



Wednesday, November 3rd, 1999
Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago, Illinois

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Klumpp. David Hingstman was appointed parliamentarian. M/S/P to approve the agenda as distributed with the addition of this motion to approve the agenda. President Klumpp asked for any additions or corrections to the minutes of the 1998 business meeting. There being none, the minutes were declared approved as published.

Al Louden presented the Past President's report. He emphasized that he believed that the organization has much to celebrate as it looks at the accomplishments of the past year. Jim Klumpp presented the President's report. In addition to calling the attention of members to his written report, President Klumpp highlighted the creation of the AFA Website and asked for advice on additional things to include on the site. Karla Leeper presented the Vice President's report. She announced that the 1999 Speaker of the Year Award is being given to the parents of children affected by school shootings who have become activists in this area. Letters will be sent to respective schools commending these parents for their activities. Professor Leeper also indicated that she is coordinating the selection of panels for the Seattle NCA Convention and that AFA members should also contact her as soon as possible if they need rooms reserved for business meetings the day before the Seattle convention begins. If meeting rooms are required after the start of the convention, AFA members should contact NCA to make those room arrangements.

There was no report from Kenny Barfield, the Vice President of High School Affairs. Jim Pratt presented the Executive Secretary report. He reported that the organization is in good financial condition. Memberships were down slightly, largely owing to the increase in life memberships. Additionally Professor Pratt reported: ballot sales were down slightly; royalties were up significantly owing largely to electronic copies of articles from Argumentation and Advocacy; non-income items listed on the financial statement are dues that are simply collected by AFA and then distributed to other organizations; five issues of Argumentation and Advocacy were published this year which now puts the journal on schedule; and ballot prices have remained constant for a number of years and can be purchased for class as well as tournament use. The 1998 and 1999 NDT and NIET Joint Awards were also announced. In the 1998 there was a tie for first place between the University of Texas at Austin and George Mason University. In 1999 the award was won by the University of Texas at Austin. There were no reports from Cynthia Carver, Recording Secretary; John Vitullo, Two Year College Representative;

Virginia Fish, Western States Forensics Association; Brett O'Donnell, Eastern Communication Association; the Southern Forensics Association; Ben Voth, Central State Communication Association; or Edward Schiappa, Editor of Argumentation and Advocacy.

The meeting then moved to committee reports, beginning with reports from Standing Committees. Peter Pober, incoming chair, reported for Mike Nicolai, current chair of the Educational Development and Practices Committee. Items included: work on a draft of possible changes in the Code of Standards; discussion of dates that should be used to define first and second semester for purposes of qualification for AFA National Tournaments; development of a booklet for new forensics directors. Plans are to both distribute the booklet to new coaches and to post it on the AFA Website. M"liss Hindman reported for the Finance Committee. Items included: adoption of a set of by-laws that include a charge to be active in membership recruitment and designing a brochure that will include information on all national forensic organizations. There were two motions from committee. M/P to increase the AFA Life Membership fee from $300 to $400 effective July 1, 2000. M/P to approve the AFA budget as distributed.

Mary Trejo reported for the Professional Development and Support Committee. Professor Trejo announced that the 1999 AFA Distinguished Service Award was being given to Joseph W. Wenzel to recognize his long-term and distinguished service to the American forensic community. Professor Wenzel is a Professor Emeritus of Speech Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Other items included: an ongoing call for innovations and professional development materials pertinent to forensics to be submitted for publication in the AFA Newsletter; development of a set of by-laws; an update on the diversity assessment project including the announcement that Professor Mike Allen of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee has been selected as the primary researcher on the project; and a project to compile an annotated bibliography relating to tenure and promotion for forensics educators with the product being posted on the AFA Webpage.

The Publications Committee report was presented by chair Randy Lake. A new editor will be selected for Argumentation and Advocacy in spring, 2000. Nominations, including self-nominations, were encouraged. The time line calls for nominations to be to the National Council by March 1st. The committee is also investigating methods of making the Alta Proceedings available in electronic format. Robert Chandler reported for the Research Committee. He made the announcement of the winners of the Brockreide Memorial Research Grant and the Daniel Rohrer Research Grant Award. Linda Collier, Ron Greene and Jesse Jones were the award recipients. He also called for nominations for future award recipients. There was a motion from committee to change the Brockreide Grant from a one year to a two year award in an amount up to $1000. The motion from committee did not require a second. Motion passed.

Cynthia Carver and John Fritch reported as chairs of the NIET and NDT Committees respectively. The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa hosted the 1999 NIET with Dr. Frank Thompson serving as the tournament host. The 2000 NIET is scheduled for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The 1999 AFA-NIET Distinguished Service Award was presented to Professor Judy Santacantarina and Professor Joel Hefling. Chair Carver thanked Professor Guy Yates, who stepped down this year as the chair of the NIET for his years of service to the organization. The 1999 National Debate Tournament was held at Wayne State University with Professor Ziegelmueller serving as the tournament host. The 2000 NDT is scheduled for the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the NDT is still looking for a host for the 2001 tournament.

Pat Ganer presented several announcements for the 50th Anniversary Committee including details of the reception and presentation that would take place during the NCA Convention. She also indicated that the Oral History Project that was begun by this committee will be an ongoing project. She announced that the committee had selected and would be awarding two types of Golden Anniversary Awards including: Outstanding Teacher and Educator Awards and Outstanding Research Awards meant to recognize a life time of forensics related scholarship.

Dale Herbeck reported for the Nominating Committee. The committee recommended the following slate: Vice President: David Hingstman, Univeristy of Iowa and Brett O'Donnell, Liberty University; Vice President for High School Affairs: Meg Howell, Mountain View High School and Joseph Johnson, Ronald Reagan High School; Two Year Representative: James Dittus, Highland Community College and Thomas Kuster, Bethany Lutheran College; Recording Secretary: Frank Harrison, Trinity University and Leah White, University of Northern Iowa; Nominating Committee: Stefan Bauschard, Boston College, John Burtis, Kansas State University, Cynthia Dewar, City College of San Francisco, Marouf Hasian, Jr., University of Utah, M'Liss Hindman, Tyler Junior College, Jeremy Hutchens, Johnson County Community College, Vicki Karns, Suffolk University, Randall Lake, University of Southern California, Catherine Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa, Edward Panetta, University of Georgia, Warren Sandmann, Minnesota State University-Mankato, and Bob Stockton, Katella High School. President Klumpp asked for any additional nominations from the floor. There being none, he declared the slate closed.

There was no report from the Policy Debate Caucus. President Klumpp called for reports from AFA Affiliate Organizations. Gina Lane reported for the Cross Examination Debate Association. She presented site information for their national tournament and indicated that the organization is discussing a name change. Information on national tournament site was also presented for the National Parliamentary Debate Association.

Other reports and announcements included Al Louden speaking for CIDD and the International Debate Education Association. Professor Louden announced that IDEA is hoping to add a new international tour and that they are were looking for hosts for the Japanese Debate Team this spring. Thomas Hollihan reported on the Tokyo Conference on Argumentation. Professor Hollihan indicated that this will be the first East-West Argumentation Conference and encouraged AFA members to submit papers and to consider attending the conference that is scheduled for August of 2000. He also indicated that planning is under way for a conference in Budapest.

There was no Old Business. The meeting moved to New Business. There were two items of business from the National Council concerning affiliate agreements. It was moved by the National Council that the NFA and AFA sanction the following provisions of a Memorandum of Understanding for affiliate status as specified in the AFA Bylaws Section VIII: 1. The AFA will provide appropriate informational and promotional support for the competitive activities of the NFA, and other services provided to affiliate organizations through the AFA National Office. 2. Consistent with the NFA Constitution, NFA Executive Council members should be AFA members and NFA will encourage its members to join the AFA. 3. NFA and AFA will work toward cooperative undertakings for the joint promotion of their common mission. Motion passed.

It was moved by the National Council that the IDEA and AFA sanction the following provisions of a Memorandum of Understanding for affiliate status as specified in the AFA Bylaws Section VIII: 1. The AFA will provide appropriate informational and promotional support for the activities of the IDEA, and other services provided to affiliate organizations through the AFA National Office. 2. Consistent with the IDEA Constitution, IDEA will encourage its Executive Council members to become AFA members. 3. Each organization will provide informational and promotional support for its members to become members of the other. 4. IDEA and AFA will work toward cooperative undertakings for the joint promotion of their common mission. Motion passed.

There was a motion from the Resolutions Committee to grant emeritus status to: Guy Yates, Robert Scott, and Joseph Wenzel. The motion passed. President Klumpp thanked members of the National Council especially Al Louden, chairs of standing committees, and the AFA membership for their cooperation and willingness to serve and for their work on behalf of the AFA.

M/S/P to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia R. Carver
Recording Secretary