Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting, 1998


Friday, November 20th, 1998

New York Hilton

Call to order

At 4:15 PM, by Jim Klumpp, president. Members present: 56. David Hingstman was appointed parliamentarian. Minutes of last year's business meetings were approved as published.


President's report distributed.

Vice President's report (Karla Leeper). The planning meeting with NCA for next year's convention will take place later today. The schedule for determining the Speaker of the Year Award will be advanced to an annual cycle, so that we will consider recipients a year in advance. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, will receive this year's award.

Executive Secretary's report (Jim Pratt): This is the first year during which the new dues structure is being implemented; membership remains stable. Ballot sales reflect lower income this year because of the need to print additional blocks of 25,000 ballots. Convention expenses were low last year. Higher expenses from the executive secretary's office reflect the cost of professional tax preparation plus the added printing and mailing costs of conducting an election. Costs of the journal and the newsletter continue to increase. Additional income is realized from royalties on electronic publication.

Two Year College Representative's report (John Vitullo). No report

Immediate Past President's report (Al Loudon): As President, he attended national tournaments. Discussion of progress on affiliation and appointments to committees.

Eastern Representative (Brett O'Donnell): No report.

Midwest Representive (Ben Voth): No report.

Southern Representative (Carrie Crenshaw): No report.

Western Representative (Duane Fish): No report.

Educational Development & Practices committee (Mike Nicolai): Development of a brochure is underway, with completion expected by the end of the academic year. Also being developed is a handbook, designed as an educational tool for coaches. The handbook will be in three parts (debate, individual events, and administration) which will fit in a 3-ring binder; expected completion is the end of the academic year. By laws for the committee are expected to be completed by February 1st. Promotional material should go to Public Relations committee. Possible future activities include compiling a list of forensic organizations at high school and college level and initiating annual review of the AFA Code.

Finance Committee report (M'Liss Hindmann): Discussion of the proposed budget for 1999-2000. MSP to approve the budget (copy attached)..

Professional Development and Practices committee (John Burtis): 1. Mary Trejo is the new chair. 2 AFA Web page is being developed, with Klumpp as the webmaster, who will solve all bugs and initiate a call for new webmaster when he's done. 3. The committee will issue a call for materials to appear in each Newsletter. 4. The AFA Web page will include the AFA tournament calendar, the AFA Constitution and Code, and other documents; it will exclude listserve and directory. 5. Mary Trejo is to write a call for a primary researcher to research diversity in forensics and check with other committees; requests for additional financial support for this research are expected. Distinguished service award was presented to James W. Pratt.

Publications Committee report (Randy Lake): Publications committee will continue to work with NCA on the CD project which is still in the negotiation stage; Klumpp has been working with NCA. The objective is to get as much full text on the CD as is possible.

Research committee (Cate Palczewski): Randall A. Lake won the Rohrer AFA Research Award for his essay "Argumentation and Self: The Enactment of Identity in Dances with Wolves." David E. Williams won the Brockriede Memorial Research Grant for his proposal, "A Nationwide Assessment of Debate Program Directors." Discussion of amounts of research awards.

NIET Committee report (Guy Yates): This year's tournament will be held at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Apr1-4 1999; Frank Thompson will be the host. In 2000, the tournament will be held at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, on March 31-April 3. The tournament dates in 2001 are April 6-9

NDT Committee report (Jon Fritch): In 1999, the tournament host will be George Ziegelmueller at Wayne State University. A host is needed for the year 2000 NDT host needed. Discussion at the committee meeting centered on student eligility, with the conclusion that tournament participants should be students

No reports from caucuses.

50th Anniversary Committee report (Pat Ganer): Jerry Sanders is preparing an oral history consisting of videotaped interviews with past presidents. Plans for the written history are uncertain because of the death of Bob Branham, who was preparing it. The committee is planning a reception to be held at next year's convention in Chicago.

Argumentation Conference report (Tom Hollihan): Tom Hollihan is the director of the 12th Argumentation Conference which will be held at the Rustler Lodge in Alta, Utah, on July 29th-August 1st, 1999. A call for papers will be printed in the next AFA Newsletter

Old Business


New Business

Carrie Crenshaw, President of CEDA, spoke in support of the Memorandum of Understanding between CEDA and AFA. MSP that the Memorandum of Understanding be approved.


New Business: Bob Trapp, President of NPDA, spoke in support of the Memorandum of Understanding between NPDA and AFA. MSP that the Memorandum of Understanding be approved.

Resolution: A tribute to Bob Branham in appreciation of his work for the AFA was approved by acclamation.


5:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

James W. Pratt, Executive Secretary (in the absence of the secretary)