Materials on innovation and professional development pertinent to the forensics professional

Approved by the Professional Development and Support Committee of the AFA and reported at the AFA Business Meeting, November 20, 1998; for regular inclusion in the AFA Newsletter.

The American Forensic Association serves as an information posting and dissemination organization in addition to its other activities. This call is to announce the availability of an additional AFA service for Forensics professionals whether or not they are members of the AFA.

Depending on demand, at least two pages of the AFA Newsletter will be made available each issue to publish brief descriptions of information that could prove useful to Forensics professionals. These materials may be documents or descriptions of activities or processes produced for a single forensics program or institution, for a tournament or conference of scholars, or for any one of the various professional associations involved in forensics.

The call is for information (1-2 pages maximum for each submission) regarding innovations, tenure and promotion processes or documents, or state-of-the-forensics-arts issues that would be of concern or interest to the larger community of Forensics professionals.

Examples follow:

  • Brief descriptions of upcoming tournaments or festivals that feature experimental events or attempts to try unusual (non-convention) formats for debate, speech, or performance studies;

  • Brief descriptions of programs involving or available to Forensics professionals and their development as teachers/scholars/coaches;

  • Brief descriptions of upcoming research projects including especially those that could benefit from collaboration with colleagues from around the forensics community;

  • Brief descriptions of departmental or institutional or professional organizational documents that have been prepared to provide criteria or describe processes involving the hiring, yearly evaluation, promotion, or tenure of Forensics professionals.

Any items you wish to publish in the AFA Newsletter should be sent to the editor:

James W. Pratt, Executive Secretary
American Forensic Association
Box 256
River Falls, WI 54022-0256

via fax to715/425-9533

via email to