Alta Deadline - March 4


Robin Rowland wants to remind folks that the deadline for submission to Alta is Friday March 4, 2011.  As those of you know who have attended the conference, Alta combines high quality scholarship with a very congenial setting.  I hope that you will consider submitting a paper, abstract, or panel proposal. 

Call for Papers, Panels, and Abstracts

Theme: Reasoned Argument and Social Change

Submissions for the Program: Please send electronic versions of completed papers, panel proposals, or extended abstracts to the Conference Program Planner, Robert C. Rowland<> ( by Friday, March 4, 2011.

Deadline for Submissions: Friday, March 4, 2011

Submission Format: Drafts of completed papers. Papers should be no longer than 3,000 words, excluding notes and references, in APA form, and submitted as a MS Word document (doc), WordPerfect (wpd), or Rich Text (rtf) format, with MS Word preferred. Authors must also obtain written approval to publish any copyrighted material Evidence of permissions must be presented at the Conference.

Panel proposals should provide a title, names and addresses (including email) of participants, an abstract for each paper, and a brief explanation of the importance of the panel (500 words or less). If respondents are included, their role should be explained. We discourage panel proposals in which all participants are from the same institution.

Extended abstracts of paper proposals (at least 500 words) should be substantial enough to indicate the scope, direction, and merit of proposed papers. Assessment will be based on the evaluators' understandings of the projected paper discussed in the abstract.

If possible, submissions should reflect the Conference theme.

Multiple submissions are permissible, but not encouraged.

Presentation Guidelines: The Alta Conference encourages discussion and audience participation. Thus, each oral presentation (paper or response) should not exceed 15 minutes and the total presentation time for a panel (papers and respondents) should not exceed one hour.

Conference Proceedings: Papers delivered at the conference will be reviewed for possible publication in the Conference Proceedings. Only completed papers (including those proposed for panels and in abstracts) forwarded to the Conference Program Planner by July 1 will be considered for inclusion. Papers may not exceed 3,000 words, excluding notes and references. Endnotes should not exceed two double-spaced pages and should be in the same font as the rest of the paper (12-point, Times New Roman). Papers must follow APA style. Authors who wish to have their papers considered for publication in the Proceedings will also need to bring three hard copies of their papers with final edits completed, 1 disk copy, a copyright agreement (doc<>, pdf<>) signed by all authors, and appropriate permissions on any material in the essay requiring permission for publication.

Graduate Student Scholarships: Limited scholarships are available for graduate students whose institutions are unable to provide financial support. Please indicate if you are a graduate student who wishes to apply for a scholarship and have your advisor send the conference director a brief letter of support.

Conference Director: Robert C. Rowland<>, Department of Communication Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045.