Meeting minutes

Minutes of the National Meetings - 2009


Minutes of the Executive Council

November 11, 2009

12-3:45 p.m.

Cresthill Room, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago

Call to order at: 12:05 PM by Daniel Cronn-Mills


Noted that Jim Pratt should be congratulated on getting things so conveniently located. Called for additional agenda items.

Minutes of the AFA Business Meeting, 2008


San Diego, CA

Daniel Cronn-Mills called the meeting to order (4:05).  There are not additions to the agenda.

I. Approval of the agenda. 

II. Parlliamentarian appointment:  Dale Herbeck will serve as parliamentarian.

III. Historian (Gerald Sanders):

Minutes of the AFA National Council, 2008

20 November 2008
San Diego, CA

Daniel Cronn-Mills: Call to order.  The minutes were distributed.  The minutes were accepted upon a motion.

I. AFA Historian (Gerald Sanders)

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