Argumentation and Advocacy

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Argumentation and Advocacy on Public Argument and Digital Media

Almost ten years ago, bloggers spurred public argument about Trent Lott’s controversial toast to a retiring Strom Thurmond. Since then, digital intermediaries using a variety of forms--blogs, podcasts, wikis, photo and video, social networking sites, and microblogs--have influenced innumerable episodes of public deliberation. This special issue of Argumentation and Advocacy calls for submissions that investigate public argument occurring through digital media.

Editors for Argumentation and Advocacy

The National Council of the American Forensic Association has unanimously approved Catherine H. Palczewski and John Fritch to be co-editors of the national peer-reviewed journal Argumentation & Advocacy. Their appointment is for a three-year editorial term for the quarterly publication, covering issues 47.1 (Summer 2010) to 49.4 (spring 2013).

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