Article VI: the National Tournament


  1. The organization shall annually sponsor the National Debate Tournament on a date determined by the National Committee and at a site approved by the National Committee and the Board of Trustees.
  2. The Tournament shall be under the direction of the tournament Director who is subject to the definition of duties in Article IV, Section B.3.c. of the Charter. Decisions of the Director shall comply with all relevant regulations, policies, and procedures of the AFA, the National Committee, the NDT Charter, and the Standing Rules for the Operation of the NDT. The Director is granted power to formulate further rules and procedures and to make interpretations of rules and procedures as are necessary to operate the tournament subject to the review procedures established by the National Committee. The Director may select whatever assistants necessary for operation of the tournament subject only to Board of Trustees approval of financial arrangements.
  3. Operation of the NDT shall be governed by the Standing Rules for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament subject to the following:
    1. Policies and Procedures of the AFA, the Standing Rules for the Operation of the NDT, and policies and procedures of the National Committee and Director concerning tournament operation shall be published and provided to all NDT subscribers by January 15 of each year. Any changes after this date shall not apply until the following year's tournament unless the emergency clause is invoked.
    2. Emergency alterations or exceptions necessitated by unforeseen circumstances shall be allowed only under the following procedures:
      1. the tournament Director shall provide in writing a request for the alteration or exception, a justification for declaring an emergency decision, and a justification for the request;
      2. the National Committee shall on a two-thirds vote of those present and voting declare the situation an emergency created by unforeseen circumstances;
      3. the National Committee shall by a three-fourths majority of all those present and voting approve the request;
      4. all subscribing members (or schools participating in the NDT if full participation has been determined) shall be notified of the change within five days of the decision.
  4. In addition to the provision for amendment in Article IV, Section C.4.a., the Standing Rules for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament may be amended under procedures identical for amending this Charter defined in Article VII, Section B.
  5. Any member school is eligible to participate in the National Tournament provided they are in good standing with the financial requirements of the Board of Trustees; they are free of disqualifying sanctions from the enforcement of the AFA Code of Ethics; and they have qualified through the procedures established by the districts and/or the National Committee.
  6. Student qualification shall be established by the National Committee consistent with the AFA Code of Ethics.
  7. Qualification procedures shall be established by the National Committee.
  8. In all cases the NDT shall operate in a manner consistent with the provisions of the AFA Code of Ethics.