Article III: Districts


  1. Districts of a number and with boundaries established by the National Committee shall be responsible for promoting debate activities among the institutions of higher education within their geographic area; and selecting through a tournament or other process the participants in the National Tournament.
  2. District Committees.
    1. Each district shall be governed by a committee elected by subscribers within the district.
    2. Each district shall elect annually or biennially (subject to the provisions of Article IV, Section A.5.b.) a chair, either by committee vote or by vote of subscribers.
  3. Powers reserved to District Committees.
    1. Right to determine their own election procedures as long as the following conditions are met:
      1. all subscribers meeting the requirements of this charter for membership are enfranchised;
      2. elections are conducted by November 1 for each academic year;
      3. committee members' terms shall not exceed 2 years unless reelected;
      4. all candidates are members of the AFA.
    2. Right to determine the policies and procedures of their own qualification process as long as the following conditions are met:
      1. no subscriber in good standing is denied participation;
      2. all policies and procedures governing the qualification process are announced to subscribers by the January 1 preceding the National Tournament;
      3. National Committee deadlines for selection of National Tournament participants are met;
      4. policies and procedures are consistent with the AFA Code of Ethics, the National Debate Tournament Charter, the Standing Rules for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament, and other AFA policies.
  4. Duties of the District Chair.
    1. Communicate district and National Debate Tournament information to subscribers including, but not limited to, district policies and procedures and National Tournament qualification deadlines.
    2. Assist in the collection of membership dues within the district.
    3. Communicate to the NDT Committee and Chair information concerning district qualification results, committee lists, subscriber lists, and other information necessary for maintenance of the NDT process. Subscription fees and lists shall be forwarded to the Board of Trustees Treasurer.
    4. To maintain on file with the Chair of the National Committee a copy of the District Charter and Bylaws, any Standing Rules of the District Tournament, and a statement of compliance with AFA and NDT regulations.
    5. Any additional duties specified by the District Charter or Committee.
  5. Right of Intervention by National Committee shall be reserved under the following conditions:
    1. if elections are not conducted by November 1, the Chair of the National Committee shall conduct the election under the procedures defined by the district;
    2. policies and procedures of the district in conflict with the AFA Code of Ethics, the NDT Charter, the Standing Rules for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament, or other policies of the AFA may be altered after investigation by and a two-thirds vote of the National Committee.