Article II: Subscription Membership

  1. Membership in the National Debate Tournament shall be granted to any accredited two or four year institution of higher education which sponsors a forensics program, pays the designated subscription fee, and has an institutionally-designated sponsor for its forensics program.
  2. Duties and privileges. Subscribers shall be committed to the conduct and encouragement of programs of excellence in forensics. Subscribers shall have the right to:
    1. participate in all qualifying procedures for the National Tournament;
    2. vote in the selection of district committees;
    3. receive appropriate reports on actions of the district and National Committees;
    4. appeal to the National Committee seeking to alter:
      1. policies or procedures of their district in conflict with the AFA Code of Ethics, the National Debate Tournament Charter, the Standing Rules for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament, or AFA policies;
      2. the number of districts and/or geographical designation of district boundaries.