III. AFA-NIET Eligibility


  1. Any accredited (or pursuing accreditation) two or Four-year college/university shall be eligible to send participants to the N.I.E.T.
  2. To gain eligibility, participating institutions must be in good standing with the financial requirements as established by the N.I.E.T. Committee and Board of Trustees.
  3. Eligibility requirements for participants shall be determined by the AFA-N.I.E.T. Committee and set forth yearly in the Tournament announcement and information, with the stipulation that no student should be allowed to compete who has participated in judged intercollegiate competition in 3 or more tournaments (as defined in the alternate qualifying procedures as established by the N.I.E.T. Committee) in eight or more six-month periods (July I - December 31 or January 1 - June 30).
  4. Participants in the AFA-N.I.E.T. must be full-time or part-time undergraduate students. An undergraduate is defined as a person not possessing a baccalaureate degree.
  5. It a participant qualifies for the AFA-N.I.E.T. while eligible under Sections C and D and graduates during the academic year, such participant will be able to compete in the AFA-N.I.E.T. for that academic year.
  6. Students earning qualifying legs with the at-large qualification method must be full or part-time undergraduate students enrolled for a minimum of six semester hours or the equivalent per term.