B. Duties


  1. The following rights shall be reserved to the National Committee:
    1. to review present district practices and initiate, when necessary, uniform procedures for the selection of National participants and district committees.
    2. to regulate the number of districts and the geographical and numerical size of the districts.
    3. to establish a uniform formula for determining the number of participants which the districts may qualify via the District Tournaments, and the formula for participants to qualify via the AL-Large Method
    4. to establish and administer the National Individual Events Tournament procedures with respect to:
    5. (1) number and form of qualifying rounds
      (2) events and rules for each number of elimination rounds
      (3) number of elimination rounds
      (4) other procedures which may be necessary to the function of the N.I.E.T.

  2. The National Committee shall be responsible for the establishment and execution Of tournament and related policy with respect to:
    1. number of judges per round
    2. qualification and selection of guest judges
    3. payment of guest judges
    4. social features (banquet, programs, publications, awards, etc.)
    5. eligibility of participants
    6. selection of a tournament director
    7. selection of a site
    8. selection of ballots
    9. publicity activities
    10. appointment of subcommittee to assist the tournament director in the administration of the National Individual Events Tournament
    11. maintaining an up-to-date list of institutions carrying on individual event forensic programs and the instructional staff of those programs.