A. Committee Membership


  1. The National Committee shall consist of the following AFA members:
    1. The Chair of the NIET Committee (ex-officio member with vote only to break a tie vote).
    2. The Secretary of the NIET Committee (ex-officio, voting member)
    3. The Chair of each District
    4. The tournament director (ex-offico member with vote)
    5. The tournament host (ex-officio member with voice out no vote)
    6. A representative of the Educational Practices Committee (ex-officio member with voice but no vote)
    7. The Chair of the American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament Board of Trustees (ex-officio, voting member)
    8. One representative appointed by the AFA President from each of the AFA Regional Forensic Associations, to serve for two-year terms
    9. A Two-Year College Representative appointed by the President of Phi Rho Pi.
    10. Immediate Past chair of National Committee (ex-officio with vote)
  2. Election Procedures
    1. The District representatives shall be elected to office at the District Tournaments and shall be members of the AFA.
    2. The Tournament Director and the Tournament Host shall be appointed by the Committee.
    3. District Chairs in odd numbered districts shall be elected during odd numbered years, and District Chairs in even numbered districts shall be elected in even numbered years.
  3. Term of Membership
    1. The Tournament Director and the Tournament Host shall serve as long as the National Committee wishes to retain their services, and as long as those appointed to such positions consent to serve.
    2. All other members shall be elected to a two-year term.
    3. Terms of office shall begin on May 1 of each year.
    4. Members representing the Regional Forensic Associations shall be appointed as follows: Southern and Eastern representatives shall be appointed in odd numbered years, and Central and Western representatives shall be appointed in even numbered years.
  4. Officers
    1. The Committee Chairperson and other necessary officers shall be elected by and from within the membership of the voting members of the National Committee.
    2. The National Chairperson of the N.I.E.T. Committee shall be elected for a two-year tem.
    3. A Vice-Chairperson shall be elected to hold a special election to replace the National Chairperson should the Chairperson resign or be unable to fulfill duties of the office during the tenure of the office.
  5. The constituency represented by the AFA-N.I.E.T. Chair and the AFA-NIET Secretary shall be represented for their terms for the purposes of debate and voting during AFA-N.I.E.T. Committee meetings by a new person chosen by regular procedures.