Article V: National Council

Section 1: Membership

The National Council shall be composed of the national officers, a representative selected by each recognized regional association, the immediate past national president, one two-year college representative, and a representative selected by each caucus qualifying under the by-laws. The two-year college representative shall be elected for a two-year term at the same time elections for national officers are held. All members of the National Council shall be voting members with the exception of the Executive Secretary and representatives of affiliate organizations.

Section 2: Powers

The National Council shall act on behalf of the Association between General Business Meetings. All actions taken under this provision shall be reported in the next issue of the appropriate Association publication. Such actions shall be suspended if a petition is received by the Executive Secretary signed by 25 members, and if the action remains reversible. All suspended actions shall be placed on the agenda of the next General Business Meeting. Actions shall be sustained unless rescinded a the General; Business Meeting by a majority of those in attendance if the petition is received in time to be placed on the preliminary agenda for the meeting, or by a two-thirds vote of those in attendance if the petition is received after the preliminary agenda for the General Business Meeting is published.

Section 3: Alternates

In the event that a member representing a regional association or caucus is unable to attend a meeting of the National Council, an alternate may represent that member provided that the substitution be certified to the Executive Secretary by the appropriate officer of the regional association or caucus.