Section X: Agenda for General Business Meetings

Section 1: Preparation

It shall be the responsibility of the President, in conjunction with the National Council and Executive Secretary, to prepare and distribute a preliminary agenda to every member at least thirty days prior to a General Business Meeting. The first item on the preliminary agenda shall be approval of a complete agenda for the General Business Meeting.

Section 2: Additions to Agenda

Any member having items to be considered at the General Business Meeting that are not included in the published, preliminary agenda should so inform the President or Executive Secretary at least one week prior to the Meeting. All items submitted should be presented in writing, and should include specific wording of the actionable item supported by a brief justification. A complete agenda, including all additional items, shall be prepared by the President and the National Council, and shall be presented for approval as the first item of business at the General Business Meeting. Approval of the complete agenda by those attending the General Business Meeting shall constitute the order of business. Any modification to the approved complete agenda shall be governed by Section XI rules of procedure.