Section VI: Caucuses

Section 1: Forming Caucuses

Caucuses may be formed through the following procedures: A petition requesting establishment that includes the names of at least twenty-five Regular, Life, Student, or Emeritus members of the Association shall be submitted to the National Council stating the purpose and justification for the proposed caucus. The petition shall then be presented to a General Business Meeting accompanied by a statement from the National Council of endorsement or opposition. If approved by a vote at the General Business Meeting, the caucus shall be established.

Section 2: Officers

Each caucus shall be responsible for determining the nature and selection of officers and their respective duties, and its individual projects so long as they are complementary to the purposes of this Association and to the policies and programs enacted through the National Council, committees and members. When membership of a caucus reaches fifty, it shall be granted representation to the National Council, and shall select its own representative.

Section 3: Annual Report

Each caucus shall submit a report to the National Council and to the membership at the General Business Meeting.  

Section 4: Caucus Dues

Caucus shall be permitted to collect dues from members provided that all collections and disbursements are processed by the Executive Secretary. Any disagreements that may arise between a Caucus and the Executive Secretary over collections or disbursements shall be resolved by the National Council.