Section IV: Duties of the Officers

The National council, under the leadership of the President and with the aid of Standing and Special Committees, shall be responsible for planning policy, utilizing personnel, and executing policy once adopted.

Section 1. The President.

The President shall be required to perform the usual duties of such an officer including the power to call meetings of the National Council, the power to appoint members of Standing Committees with the advice and consent of the National council, and the power to appoint members of Special Committees unless the original motion formulating the Special Committee shall designate another method of appointment.

Section 2. The Vice-President.

Besides those duties assigned by the President or National Council, the Vice-President shall be responsible for developing all Association sponsored programs and meetings at the Annual Convention.

Section 3. The Vice-President for High School Affairs

The Vice-President for High School Affairs shall have the special responsibility for representing the needs and concerns of high school forensics professionals to the Association, for representing the Association to high school forensics professionals, and for fulfilling other responsibilities assigned by the President or National Council.

Section 4. The Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for the general operations of this Association. The duties assigned by the National Council shall include, but not be limited to, soliciting and maintaining memberships; collecting dues and other revenues; paying financial obligations in a timely manner; organizing and distributing Association publications such as the Tournament Calendar, Directory, and AFA Newsletter; serving as liaison to other professional organizations; coordinating the Job Clearing House; implementing, monitoring and administering programs and policies of the Association; assisting committees with duties and responsibilities; distributing all mail ballots and chairing a "teller's" committee; and gathering, maintaining and distributing information appropriate to the Association and forensic professionals.

Section 5. The Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for recording minutes of all General Business Meetings of the Association, and of all meetings of the National Council. The Recording Secretary also serves as editor of the AFA Newsletter.

Section 6. Two-Year College Representative

It shall be the special responsibility of the two-year college representative to the National Council to discover the needs, and make plans for the development and implementation of policies designed to promote the purposes of this Association for and in this specific constituency.

Section 7: Reports of Officers

Each officer shall make a report outlining her or his responsibilities and actions during the preceding year to the membership at the General Business Meeting.